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      "Do you mean the hunt ball at Lostwithiel?"

      "Do you think she could have cured my dulness?" exclaimed his wife, impatiently. "Life would have seemed still more tiresome if I had been obliged to talk when there was nothing to talk about, and to smile when I felt inclined to cry."

      But so consummate a social strategist as Doctor Remy was not thus to be baffled. One day, he took fitting occasion to bring Bergan's name into his talk,speaking of him quietly and unconcernedly, as it was natural to speak of a man with whom he had been intimately associated for some months,and speaking of him kindly, too, as of one for whom he entertained a real regard. Carice turned away her head, and tears sprang to her eyes. It was so long since she had heard Bergan's name spoken in a friendly tone, and unaccompanied by a disparaging commentary! When she ventured to look at Doctor Remy, it was with a soft, grateful expression, which he did not fail to detect and understand. There was a certain wistfulness, also, as of a flower which, having been refreshed by one little drop of unexpected dew, opens its petals for more. This, too, the doctor understood, and was too wise to disappoint."Is that will in due form of law?" asked Mr. Bergan, breaking the pause.

      "Come in!" was the immediate response, in Miss Thane's clear, cold monotone.What is the matter with you? she asked.


      And Bergan turned, musingly, toward his office door.


      "Let me see," said his aunt, kindly, as she gave him her hand, "to-morrow will be Sunday, will it not? Pray let us find you in our pew at church in the morning; and come home with us to an early dinner, before the evening service."


      "Do not let me interrupt you," she said to Astra, "but just go on with whatever you are about, and allow me to study this at my leisure."