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      "God bless you, darling! I will never speak of doubt again. You are my own sweet wife, and shall be honoured and trusted to the end of my days. Thank God, the cloud is past, and we can be happy again!"

      You shall go round with me to Lady Wyndovers in the morning, said Trafford. I dont know whether Ive mentioned you to Miss Chetwynde, but it hasnt been for want of thinking of you.

      "He takes my Chateau Yquem as if it were Devonshire cider," said the aggrieved parvenu, "and he hardly seems to know that this is the only house where he ever sees clear turtle. The man's people must have lived in a very poor way."

      Ladies always want to be helped by their maid, miss, she said. I dont suppose you could hook it properly.She loved this lonely hill, and felt her spirits rise in this lighter atmosphere as she stood resting against the scaly trunk of a Scotch fir, with the wind blowing her hair. It was a relief to escape from the silence of those empty rooms, where she had only the sleepy Persian or the hyper-intelligent fox-terrier for company. There was a longer and more picturesque way home than that by which she had come. She could descend the other side of the hill, skirt the gardens of the Mount, by a path that led through the Park to a lodge gate on the Fowey road. It was one of her favourite walks, and she was so accustomed to seeing the shutters closed at the great house that she never expected[Pg 6] to meet any one more alarming than a farm-servant or a cottager's child.

      "Those Arlings seem to be pretty much of a piece," said he; "they both give better than they take, when it comes to blows. However, the Italians say, Tutto s'accommoda, eccetto l'osso del collo,that means, Everything can be mended except the neck-bone. Yours has come safe out of this fray, but there's no telling how long 'twill stay so, if you're so ready with your pistol."Youll understand why not before youve been in England a montha week, perhaps. And, look here, Ralda, if I were you I shouldnt let on much about me or the camp

      "You used to write me such good letters, dearest, so full of detail, that I knew exactly how your days were spent, and could picture every hour of your life: but of late your descriptive powers have flagged. I dare say you got tired of writing long letters to a dull old fellow in India, who could never write you a clever letter in reply. It must have seemed a one-sided business?"

      "What a pretty idea! It is as if Major Disney had found a new kind of wild flower in some cranny of the old grey wall that guards the town.""It was too bad of you not to come to me yesterday morning, as you promised," Gwendolen said to her sister. "I stayed indoors till after luncheon on your account; and the days are so short at this time of year. I couldn't do any shopping."


      Yes; and in a quarter of an hour he will be in his place in the House, and storming like a fury.Will it be wise, Ada? he said, gravely.


      Mr. Bergan looked anxiously at his nephew. "After what you have told me," said he, "I do not feel that I can allow that man to enter Carice's room again, even when she is sleeping. Yet, be he what or whom he may, his professional skill is undeniable, and her life or reason may turn on those waking moments. What is to be done?"


      No! said Esmeralda. There was a dash of color in her cheek, and her glorious eyes flashed under their lashes. Yes, they are talking about me. It is not very kind, is it? I cant help being born in Australia; andwith a sudden thrill in her voiceI wouldnt if I could! And I cant help having all this money! Oh, I hate England, andand all the English people!Shes right, he said. If shes got to go, shes got to go. Three Star aint going to stand in her way. Well give her a good send-off, boys. Come down to Dans and lets get out the programme. And almost in silence the crowd went down the hill again.